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Holiday 2019: My Soul Still Sings

December 14th 7:00 PM
Calvary Episcopal Church, Summit, NJ


  • Beyond Winter (Keith Christopher)
  • Winter Cantata (Vincent Persichetti)
  1. A Copper Pheasant
  2. Winter’s First Drizzle
  3. Winter Seclusion
  4. The Woodcutter
  5. Gentlest Fall of Snow
  6. One Umbrella
  7. Of Crimson Ice
  8. The Branch is Black
  9. Fallen Leaves
  10. So Deep
  11. The Winter’s Whetstone
  12. Epilogue
  • There Is No Rose (CHAMBER GROUP) (Z. Randall Stroope)
  • Ave Maria (Guy Forbes)
  • Magnificat (Z. Randall Stroope)


  • Puer Nobis Nascitur (Arr. Lana Walter)
  • Tannenbaum in 5/8 (Arr. Earlene Rentz)
  • A Welsh Noel (Dave and Jean Perry)
  • Hanerot Halalu (Arr. Pnina Inbar)
  • Simu Shemen (Arr. David Eddleman)
  • Jesus, Jesus Rest Your Head (CHAMBER) (Gwyneth Walker)
  • Touro-Louro-Louro (Arr. Harry R. Wilson)
  • Candlelight Carol (John Rutter)
  • The Twelve Days of Christmas (Arr. Peter Harvey)