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Past Concerts

We perform two major concerts a year; a holiday concert in December and a spring concert in May. Concerts are performed at Calvary Church, 31 Woodland Avenue, Summit, NJ. Each year has brought us varied opportunities for joint performances and community outreach.

Holiday 2023: Angels Among Us illuminated the angels and guardians that exist in our lives in many forms: friends, mothers, colleagues, acquaintances, strangers. Perhaps WE are also angels in the lives of others.

Spring 2023: Where the Light Begins highlighted the concept of light, which can be interpreted in many different ways. Its repertoire focused on light in its many faceted ways; through our Earth, our human experiences, our joy, our pain and strife, and our rebirth.

Holiday 2022: What Can I Give spotlighted the debut directorship of Concord Singer’s new Choral Director Matthew Zabiegala. The performance centered around the message of “giving” joyfully, with an indomitable spirit, and with our whole heart. It featured a variety of seasonal and non-seasonal compositions that illuminated expressions and sentiments of “giving” during this time of year.

Spring 2022: And Still We Sing was performed under the directorship of Interim Director and Accompanist Robert Long. The concert continued to celebrate our return to singing after the almost two year hiatus due to the Covid 19 Pandemic. The concert featured a varied program that included spirituals, movie soundtracks, traditional composers such as Aaron Copland, and more.

Holiday 2021: New Beginnings Sing With Joy was performed under the directorship of Interim Director James Horan and was Concord Singers’ first concert since our almost two year hiatus due to the Covid 19 Pandemic. Opening with “The Storm is Passing Over”, the music in this concert represents hope and a “new start” after the darkness of the past several months.

Holiday 2019: My Soul Still Sings was performed under the directorship of Interim Director Kevin Davis and featured “Winter Cantata” by Vincent Ludwig Persichetti as its flagship piece. This piece was inspired by a collection of Haiku given to Persichetti by his daughter. The eleven brief movements and epilogue weave a tapestry of wintry images to the accompaniment of flute and marimba. The final piece of the concert features a whimsical arrangement of the traditional holiday tune “Twelve Days of Christmas”.

Spring 2019: Keys grew out of Director, Anna Lenti’s love for the beautiful Rachmaninoff Six Choruses Op. 15. The beautiful piano accompaniment of this piece inspired a program featuring music that celebrates choral music as an artistic collaboration between the choir, the conductor, and the piano, focusing on how well the accompaniment supports the choir. This program features songs in German, Russian, Hebrew, English, and Latin

Holiday 2018: A Light in the Darkness highlighted the theme of “light”, with many of the songs related to light, and others having to do with the concept of hope. Within this theme is performed a wonderful variety of old and new music – from a moving setting of Genesis describing the creation of light, day, and night, to a beautiful Dolly Parton ballad.

Spring 2018: Songs of the Universal celebrated Concord Singers’ 40th anniversary with the performance of the commissioned piece, If I Can Sing I Will Be Free by Michael John Trotta. The concert also highlighted stellar performances by organ and a string ensemble that enhanced the beauty of the pieces in this concert, which included selections from Giovanni Battista Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater.